Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Still Here

It’s been a while since this blog was updated but the voices* have told me that it must be active once more. Basically if I’m going to have a regular reader I might as well update – makes sense, yes? The new updates are probably going to include more about the person December refers to as my “pet human” because really, it’s silly to try to separate Weddy from ‘Kota.

Quite a lot has happened to me since I last used this blog. There is now a fan group** devoted to all things Dakota-ish. So they’re mostly not so much “fans” as friends who are willing to humour me but at least it allows me to wear the nifty title “Cool and Stretchy” (more about this later). The group includes Angelique (‘Kota’s Pimpette) and Lelou (Cool and Flexy), if you’re in the group and feel that you should have a unique title (not happy with the snappy ‘Kota Moans For title) IM me, you stupid gash.

If you’re so out of touch with what’s happening in my second life that you only know what is in this blog you will be thinking what does a stripper need with a fan-group? Well I’m a DJ now. Still at Club Coitus (which over the past week seems to have died a little more) but not doing so much dancing anymore – which is the yay. I’m also trying to do a lot more photography.

I’m doing more modelling! And not boring furniture this time (OK so the bondage furniture probably wasn’t that boring) actual wearables. I’m not certain why I’m blogging this fact as my only reader knows exactly what I’m modelling. But thanks for hiring me, Satine, love your work. Just in case there are any readers who aren’t the owner of Old Gravy you must go there now or I will eat your soul. I’m sorry but it doesn’t need an explanation or critique just go to the freaking store and buy everything there.
I haven't taken that hat off since this was shot.
At this point I'd like to say just how well made of awesome Alla is. She's the one who told me about Old Gravy and not only that she's super hottness and can put up with my crazy location jumping while I'm shooting.Well I guess this bears mention, I’m partnered. December Frontenac is the awesome and partnering him meant that I was maliciously gossiped about – how cool. The story goes that I was there for December’s first DJ show in Club Coitus. So I was there to watch Headcase*** throw herself at him and make it very clear to all the other women in the room to back the fuck off. I think to myself “sad, desperate old tart” and move on. A few days later I get a message in the Club Coitus employee channel that Headcase and December are engaged. So I join their wedding update group and continue to giggle as Headcase announces the wedding is in two weeks (obviously a fact that she hadn’t yet run past December who freaks out a little). I sweetly enquire how long they have been planning this, a couple of days it turns out. My reply being: “Oh! Here was I thinking I had been out of the loop for months!” A few days after that I get ejected from the wedding group because it’s been disbanded. The marriage is off.I then get a message from December because the Club Coitus DJ manager has told him I’m having trouble getting my mic to work with SAM3. December offers to give me live help and tells me to come over to his house and use his stream to test it. Basically not only does he fix it but we also click crazily well on voice chat and he ends up DJ a private show for me and we swap some music. Over the next few days we talk a lot on voice and learn how awesome we both are. So December sends me a partner invitation and I accept. We figure it will be fun to see if anyone notices. Headcase notices, and bitches. The outcome was positive – Club Coitus admitting that Dec and I are more valuable employees than Headcase. Headcase got a thorough telling off.

December has quit work at Club Coitus and now works for Heavenly Rose Nightclub. If anyone connected with HR management ever reads this – DO NOT TELL DECEMBER HOW TO DO HIS JOB, IT WILL ONLY END BADLY.

Yeah I think that’s pretty much it.

Holy shit last time I looked my profile only had 3 views, now it’s 24. What is wrong with you people? Do you not have lives?

*Not really, it was Satine.
**Make ‘Kota Moan, open membership.
***I have decided not to reveal Arihanna Basiat’s name.

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Satine Dot said...

Ahahaha nice
club life i will never understand o.O
Malkov was sad you didnt mention him lawlz :p