Friday, October 02, 2009

Remember the Bushfires?

I probably should have posted this a while back but here's some stuff to confirm that the donation was made. Thank-you again to everyone who participated, you did a wonderful thing and thanks to Surreal Babii and the Digital Angel group for joining forces with us for the whopping final donation.

Dakota Buck & Autumn Hykova

Monday, February 23, 2009

Well Done All of You!

Thank-you to everyone who participated in the Victorian Bushfire Appeal, be it by creating items, donating profits, putting up the kiosks, donating, shopping or promoting the cause. You've all made a wonderful contribution.
Our effort raised a huge:


The money has been combined with that raised by the Digital Angel event and will be donated directly to the Red Cross by Surreal Babii within the week. Autumn and I have viewed all her official Red Cross information and spoken on the phone with Surreal's Red Cross contact to confirm that she is registered.
Check out Autumn's Flickr page to see screenshots of Victoria Farshore's L$ balance.

[16:29] Surreal Babii: 1427287747
Date: 02/22/2009 16:28:24
Region: Festivale
Source: Victoria Farshore

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victorian Bushfire Relief - Participating Vendors

The response from the Second Life community to the tragic circumstances in Victoria, Australia has been phenomenal. I can't express enough how humble and grateful the generosity of our international community makes me feel.

A lot of people have been asking for a list of content creators with items up for sale to benefit the cause. Here is the list as I have it so far (with SLurls - hurrah). I will be adding to this list daily, we've only been collecting for about 36hours so it amazes - and again, humbles - me that the list of participants is already so large. If you have an item or items up for sale benefiting the relief effort please get in contact with me in world or via email (

Aemilia Case Philotic Energy
Faery Sola Studio Sidhe
Dakota Buck Savvy?
Shelly Toonie Moonshine Clothing
Dove Swanson [Long Awkward Pose]
Rosie Barthelmess Sable Rose Jewelry
Evangeline Miles Evie's Closet
Marx Dudek Marxi Designs
Ruina Kessel House of Ruin
Ashia Tomsen Ashia Designs
Ana Lutetia AnaLu
Whimsy Winx Winx Home & Garden
Sakuradawn Lei Lazy Places
Brandy Rasmuson Shine
Nuala Shippe Kunstkammer
Anicia Medici Sugar Mill Poses
Teagan Blackthorne & Laynie Link Tea Lane
Luth Brodie Reel Expression
Autumn Hykova Pixel Dust
Truth Hawks TRUTH
Kallisti Burns Discord Designs
Mouse Mimistrobell Dark Mouse Jewelry
Ziggy Quirk Ziggy's Quirks
Noirran Marx Subtle Submission
Samara Barzane Park Galleries (Souvenirs by Samara Barzane)
Ryker Beck Genesis
Reghan Straaf Hatpins
SySy Chapman SYSY's
Leah McCullough Naive
Sasy Scarborough Essentia
Kuranosuke Kamachi DeLa
Saiyge Lotus Balderdash
Aikea Rieko Tokeo.Plastik
Trixie Bumbo Primagine
Allias Nightfire Skinzor's
Kavar Cleanslate Exile
Ravenlynn Templar LVS & Co
Helix Constantine Oddment
Helena Stringer The Stringer Mausoleum
candy Enoch A Piece of Candy
Twiggy Whippet & Dakota Buck Whippet&Buck
Margo Imako SteamBound
Lupus Hirano & Allesist Klaar Carima QueensArt Island
Alaska Metropolitan OPIUM Everyday
Neferia Abel Ivalde
Sequoia Nightfire Aurora Borealis
Aislyn Darcy Dysnomia
Sascha Frangilli Sascha's Designs
Tuli Asturias Tuli
Ariel Wingtips mainstore location
Samsara Nishi Sam's Secret Boutique
Chaddi Masala & Milli Santos Ex-Pose
wollemia Sands BULL & BEAR
Aeris Pinazzo Mythology
Iota Ultsch Tres Jolie!
Popfuzz Bamboo Popfuzz
Kurston Brody Serenity Style
Zacch Morane Filthy Xzynoid
Oleandra Mureaux Shapes by []Chez Oleandra[]
GM Nikolaidis Spork
Miles Beck Beck's
Teagan Blackthorne & Laynie Link Nooby Doo's
Sanura Sakai Home of Sanu
Severina Dollinger First Flower
Azazeal Whitfield October Rust
Dendre Benelli Dendre's sculpties
Kryptonia Paperdoll Splashing Doll
Bonny Greenwood Mindgardens Creations
Dave Casanova DCNY Clothing Co.
BurningBright Nightfire BBEBN Fashions & Photography

Once again, if you have an item or items up with partial or full profits going to Bushfire Relief contact Dakota Buck. If you would like to create an item, or donate sales from an existing item(s), IM Autumn Hykova - she has the vendor packs and donation kiosks.

Thank-you to everyone who has contributed so far, you're all doing an amazing job.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Future of Savvy?

As I announced earlier in the year I will no longer be releasing new items for Savvy?. It's been tricky working out what to do with the mainstore location in Imogen which I share with La Sylphide and Fuse. In 2007 I'd been talking about doing an diffusion accessories label with a RL friend and branding it Whippet&Buck. The plan was for W&B to be a mini-store within Savvy? and to only be accessories, at the time Twiggy Whippet was spending a lot of time in photoshop for her RL job and was more interested in doing something a bit different. There have been changes in employment for both Twiggy and I this year and several months ago we started to talk about her getting more involved in clothing production for Second Life™.

I recently discounted all Savvy? items by 50% at the store's Imogen and Retrology locations. That sale will continue until Twiggy is ready to take over the space, at that point all Savvy? products will be removed from Imogen. For the time being the old items will be available at Retrology and Caribe for discounted prices with the exception of select pieces. These will be repackaged for Whippet&Buck but will be my only direct contributions to the brand.

I have an interest in fashion and fashion illustration in my first life so I will still have creative input with the new brand but due to other commitments none of the new products will be created by me. I hope to eventually find the courage to post some of my sketches on the new blog. Of Deer & Dogs will be maintained by both Twiggy and me and will probably include rants and first life miscellany along with product updates and SL™ related commentary.

Thank you all for the amazing support I've received since March 2007, I'm still amazed and grateful that my products are still worn and blogged almost a full year on from my last release under the Savvy? label.


SLurl to the Sale

Monday, August 11, 2008

Friday, March 07, 2008

Big News

I know that I haven't made any announcements for a while and I'm sorry for this. I do have a couple of exciting announcements today to do with where I have been and the future of Savvy?

1) As soon as I have some spare time (I'm back to full-time study) I'll be opening a new mainstore on the Imogen sim. I've invited Mr Jonathan Hugo to share the land with me for the development of his new mainstore. If you like Savvy? then you'll more than likely love Fuse. I'm very excited about this partnership which has come about for two main reasons: a) I love his work and b) after the release of some things I've been hoarding since last year and a freebie tennis dress there will be NO MORE NEW RELEASES FROM SAVVY?. This is because:

2) I'm so very proud to announce that I will now be designing under the name Lindsay Armidi. I have recently accepted the offer to become part of the Armidi design team and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's an honour to be working with not only the original Armidi design duo but also the other new designers who have, like me, joined the team. Great and innovative things (see for example ShopArmidi) are being developed by this brand and I'm excited to not only witness this but to be a part of it. I hope that my current customer base will share in my excitement for current and future projects with Armidi and that the current fans of this brand will find beauty and enjoyment in what I create as Lindsay Armidi.

'Kota Buck

Friday, January 18, 2008

Limited Edition Freebie

I'm no longer a teenager! Yep, I'm 20 today (It's Friday by my timezone) so to celebrate I made a freebie (well 1L) dress... the catch is that I'm only selling 20 copies. I'll set out 4 lots of 5 of this dress on the 18th (by SLT not mine). You have a chance to grab one at 12midnight, 6am, 12noon or 6pm SLT when Friday 18th ticks over.
Thanks for all your support.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Eve of Destruction set is the perfect Autumn ensemble. The goldish shirt utilizes the glove layer to lengthen the sleeves over the hands while the sleeves of the cropped pig-leather jacket finish at the elbow. The grey pencil skirt is shot with fine gold lines and finishes at the knee to reveal heavy denier tights.

Cup Day is my nod to the upcoming Melbourne Cup Carnival, in Australia the first Tuesday in November means the horse-racing event of the year... and of course with horse-racing comes fashion. This set is very equestrian influenced and includes a silky knee-length skirt with a dressage-inspired bow at the back, a goldish-grey blouse with tiny pearl buttons and black riding gloves with gold zippers.

On a suggestion from Saeya Nyanda I'm also releasing the Cup Day riding gloves in several colours as separates (or a discounted fatpack). All six colours are fit snuggly with a gold zipper.

This skirt gets its name from the language of the Arrernte people, indigenous to central Australia. Merne Awele-Awele is the name for the bush-tucker known as the Bush Tomato in English. I love Bush Tomato chutney and the dusty red, yellow and green of this crinkled knee-length skirt were making me hungry. The waist-band of the skirt is decorated with two red buttons.

'Kota Buck
Savvy? Mainstore