Thursday, November 09, 2006


It has been brought to my attention that I didn't mention Malkov at all in my last post. Which was quite an oversight considering the fact that I haven't take the duck derby he made off since I got it. I'm not sure if I've made it quite clear enough how awesome both the hat and Malkov are. I felt the need to illustrate this with a series of unrelated pics from the past couple of days. As you can see I am wearing a dead duck on my head in all of them.

I think this is really a great example of the awesomeness of this hat. Malkov has managed to design this item so cleverly that it allowed me to approach this parrot to the point where I ended up on the perch with the other bird. I don't know what's in this hat, magic maybe, but I was the yay being surrounded by birds. I'm a really bird person, I've had budgerigars for as long as I can remember. My current baby is Hamish Wallace Hughes. Yeah, he's ended up with my ex's last name. I hope I always have budgies, but I'm also kind of planning to be an old lady with a pair of whippets. Whippet's are great dogs, I miss my darling Peggy (she still lives at my mum's house). I will have a male and a female and the lady whippet will be called Twiggy after my favourite model and the male will be Devo (if you don't get it you are better off).And here's me with Angelique , the duck derby still. How cool does it look from the side?! For those playing at home my t-shirt says UNICORN POWER because I am very hip. I have very little to say about this shot. I'd just finished my DJ shift, Meso had just started his and the "Bikini Bod" event was just kicking off. You can't see the hat too well but it's there and still being awesome, and sure the pic is poorly framed and unrezzed but there are two bare-assed DJs in the one picture. Enough said.And of course, in this picture you can quite clearly see this brilliant creation of Malkov's. I should point out that the sleeveless jeans jacket is also by Malkov. I would not look anywhere near as awesome if it weren't for Malkov. Go to Old Gravy, bitches.


Note: Tomorrow I will probably be posting pics from the photo-shoot I did with Alla the other day.

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Satine Dot said...

lol Nice Mallie loves it
Yay! Alla and Kota pics! ^^