Thursday, October 05, 2006

Glowing With Pride

Today my first ever trainee made her dancing debut at Club Coitus. I was lucky enough to be online at the time so I could see her performance. I'm so proud of Alianna, she's such a sweetie and I'm so glad she's got her badge and is working now. Later I'll be hitting the town with her to party our little hearts out. But today’s work was indeed a joy, sandwiched between dear Alianna and the gorgeous Elaine. That girl is a sweetie and has come so far since I first met her during her training. (She even has a cute story about watching me dancing while she was a trainee.) The picture of Elaine and I comes very close to showing my boobies.

Sublime Restaurant in Andraca is a beautifully designed place, I headed over there today to check the place out for future reference. It's a sweet idea, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to appeal to the masses - the place was dead when I showed up. Spread the word and everyone go and check the fantastic little place out. When I arrived there was only one other person in the entire place, a man who had arrived at the same time as me with the same reason. We toured around the site together and got to talking. Dylan seems like a really nice guy and eventually he asked me to dine with him. After the dinner we danced, right there in the restaurant, which incidentally has lovely music. Horray for random meetings.

<3 'Kota.

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