Saturday, November 11, 2006

Life In Pictures

Today's post is fairly picture heavy, starting off with some high-lights from the shoot I did with Alla the other day. I had originally thought it would just be a shoot of her... But well I ended up in the shots but they're cute so what-ev:
Feel free to take a copy of the above pic and add your own caption. Heh.All dolled up in our haute couture in front of the Eiffel tower. Unfortunately most of the shots from the Paris sim have to be edit because there was a ghastly fluro-pink sign in the background. Bastards.

This was taken at the formal event at Club Coitus. The first event in the weekend long celebrations for the reopening. This is me and my boss/good friend Evo. He's the DJ Manager at Club Coitus.
A new fetish is discovered! Yes, the truth comes out: Satine and Malkov like to burry themselves in dirt and make-out. Hot.
Last but not least here is Satine and myself sitting like dirty dirty hoes. Yet somehow she comes away looking cute while I look like a crack whore.

That's all
'Kota. x.

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Satine Dot said...

Zomg! You should be a photographicist! I should like pay you to do the graphics for my store. I'm so lazy that'd be awesome and you can deal with the annoying first time models lol!

p.s. our voicemail thingies are down so ill leave you a voicemail about the other pictures rofl