Sunday, October 07, 2007

OMG I made a lot of stuff!

Another new Savvy? series - "Feel Rich" - is born. This collection uses classy blacks, goldish-greys and eventually a set of white and red accessories.

Quarter to Three is inspired by the festival-wear seen at Woodford Folk Festival with a very upmarket twist. The heavier fabric with breezy full skirt make it perfect for transitional seasons. The bust is cut to suggest a plunging neckline without actually tarting out.

Savvy?'s take on the LBD - Little Black Ache - is slinky and elegant while bringing the sexy with liberal amounts of side-boob and bare shoulder blades.

Charm School was made for men but turned out to be rather unisex and maybe a little to feminine in the cut of the waistcoat. The multi-layered set includes pleated pants with skinny belt, smartly tailored waistcoat over a diagonally striped tee with a collar and elbow-length sleeved dress-shirt peeking out. A thin ribbon is tied at the throat.

The above three outfits were named for Bishop Allen songs, go check them out if you like indie pop.

I made Dear Stephanie as a birthday gift for my partner Stephanie Misfit, but she has agreed to let you have it to, hehe. This is the first Savvy? outfit to use sculpties. The collar of the long undershirt is high and a short waistcoat sits over the top. The set is finished off with knee-shorts and opaque stockings.

Some people may already know that I'm not totally crash hot with prim-work but I have made my very first prim jewelry.

The Repairs Necklace is an antique chain (gold or silver) with a large hand-drawn stone (onyx, amber or lapis lazuli) pendant that hangs low between the breasts. This piece is a bit in the wars so it's been mended with a piece of thin black ribbon where the chain has broken.

Dakota Buck
Savvy? at the Promenade


Ana Lutetia said...

Everything is SO cute!

Garbage Prototype said...

Wow! Really nice stuff out Dakota :D

Saeya said...

Yay, Kotapie! I love this whole release, you're so good at classics with a twist.

I haven't been able to take off the Repairs Necklace since I got it.

Arianna Psaltery said...

I love the Dear Stephanie outfit and the black dress :) I feel like I'm a chic newspaper reporter after a story!