Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Releases at Savvy?

In celebration of Hallowe'en (as Iris Ophelia says, the fashionista holiday) I'm giving an exclusive themed gift to my update group, Savvy? The outfit is called Concubine Trash and is quite a change of pace for Savvy? - the set includes a red and black stripped bustier, black high-waisted hotpants and torn stockings.

The Janine is my first attempt at a full-length gown. It's elegant and slinky, fastening with ribbons at the small of the back to leave most of the back bare. The dress is available in 5 separate colours (or as a discounted fatpack).

Lastly the Angry Leggings (because they were going to be called Cross Leggings, get it? I know, shutting up now). The solid fabric of these leggings ends at the knee and the laces wrap down around the calves to tie off at the ankle. Available in 7 spotted fabrics (or a discounted fatpack).

Dakota Buck
Savvy? at the Promenade

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Arianna Psaltery said...

I love the new gowns :) Thanks for the freebie!