Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Progress Report

I've changed my template to something more exciting - yay. Let me know if you think it's spiff enough.

A name has been chosen - "Buckie's House of Hooch". It's all getting very exciting now (like I wasn't already excited enough), the build looks great. Mallie is a super ace builder and the club is set to be the awesome. To see some pics of the semi-textured interior head over to Satine's Blog.

I had a fairly fun day today due to a shopping expedition with Alla that included an improptu car-ride. Never, ever get into a car with that crazy girl - she drives like a woman possessed. There were several deliberate hit and runs, those poor n00bs, they didn't stand a chance. The mad bint even admitted that the purpose of the car ride was to end my life. Alla is such a good friend, I luff her.

Lastly, expect to see me in a bikini for at least the next week while I enjoy Antie's (of /artilleri/ fame) latest and too long coming inky offering.
I live in such a lovely sim, this is just one of the many beautiful areas around my house.

Don't forget to hit me up in game for a LM to Buckie's (or an application form if you're looking for work).
Love and other STDs,
'Kota. x.

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Nex Brannan said...

Aww, I was partial to Drunken Buck's Hooch Shack and Olde Tyme Burlesque.