Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dah-Dum Big News!

OK, so some of you may know that I've been mostly out of game recently due to computer problems. Others may be aware that my place of primary employment, Club Coitus, has closed down. So I've been jobless, but guess what? All is not lost! A new club is born! I don't want to say too much just yet but it's set to be a rockabilly hangout that just happens to have strippers.
To better explain here is an excerpt from Alla's blog:

...not only did this woman pleasure herself at my expense, but she has also given me a reason to anticipate something good in my state of post-coitus (HAHAHHAA!) Just when I thought SL was beginning to bore me a bit...After all, I own literally every decent article of clothing and am still quite the pacifier-sucker with photoshop to be a content creator. So there she was, telling me her ideas for what is potentially to be the best and most time-worthy club on the grid...with the best DJ I might add *winks*. I'm a supercharged, out-of-orbit excited electron right now but I shan't reveal details, especially since they aren't formed yet, but I will say this: I want to build giant barbell hoops and use the balls as lights, make chairs in the shapes of shoes and Cadillacs that sit on black & white checkerboard floors, and a stage of dancing vixens surrounded by fire...or maybe a giant pink boa. Oooh, eight-balls for tip jars and dice-shaped 'Sploders, pink flamingos and a wall devoted to Betty in her red devil costume....maybe an avie version? either way. And there I go rambling again...just some thoughts for 'Kota :) The excitement is uncontainable.

Yeah you get the idea I think. I'll leave it at that but here's a snap of the land. Please feel free to suggest names for the club (I'd prefer them not to include the word club).Cheers,
'Kota. x.


Satine Dot said...

Yay! I see a little Malkov!
p.s. we left you a hyphy comment

Nex Brannan said...

They finally closed Coitus huh? Well, it was never really 100% from day one. With all the drama and whatnot. Plus when I changed av's you lost the coolest security guy on the grid :)

I look forward to whatever you end up doing.

Allagator! said...
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Allagator! said...

in response to "(I'd prefer them not to include the word club)." :

hmm "Buckie's House of Hooch" is o..k.. but seriously, a better name woudl be "The Club of Clubbing Clubbers"

I beg you to reconsider....if you know whats good for you.