Monday, December 22, 2008

The Future of Savvy?

As I announced earlier in the year I will no longer be releasing new items for Savvy?. It's been tricky working out what to do with the mainstore location in Imogen which I share with La Sylphide and Fuse. In 2007 I'd been talking about doing an diffusion accessories label with a RL friend and branding it Whippet&Buck. The plan was for W&B to be a mini-store within Savvy? and to only be accessories, at the time Twiggy Whippet was spending a lot of time in photoshop for her RL job and was more interested in doing something a bit different. There have been changes in employment for both Twiggy and I this year and several months ago we started to talk about her getting more involved in clothing production for Second Life™.

I recently discounted all Savvy? items by 50% at the store's Imogen and Retrology locations. That sale will continue until Twiggy is ready to take over the space, at that point all Savvy? products will be removed from Imogen. For the time being the old items will be available at Retrology and Caribe for discounted prices with the exception of select pieces. These will be repackaged for Whippet&Buck but will be my only direct contributions to the brand.

I have an interest in fashion and fashion illustration in my first life so I will still have creative input with the new brand but due to other commitments none of the new products will be created by me. I hope to eventually find the courage to post some of my sketches on the new blog. Of Deer & Dogs will be maintained by both Twiggy and me and will probably include rants and first life miscellany along with product updates and SL™ related commentary.

Thank you all for the amazing support I've received since March 2007, I'm still amazed and grateful that my products are still worn and blogged almost a full year on from my last release under the Savvy? label.


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Samara Barzane said...

Well you make good stuffs :)
Wishing you well as you move on.

Grazia said...

My Savvy?-stuff is one of the anchors in my inventory. On those days that I don't want to think about what to wear, I all to aften grab one of your outfits. They always put me in a good mood. Looking forward to seeing more of Twiggy's work, what I've seen so far makes me greedy, and that doesn't happen too often lately. <3

Brian Shaw said...

Well you make good stuffs :) Wishing you well as you move on.