Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Asymmetric!

The Asymmetric has been longer than it should have needed in production... but I've been a bit sick :/ But never mind, it's here now and the set includes a prim-skirt (no I haven't stopped making system skirts I just needed a different shape for this one), a demure beige blouse with rouching and a sweet little ribbon bow at the neck, sand-coloured faux-tights and an asymmetrical cardigan. As usual all available layers are included.

I had intended to release some fitted tees in several colours but... I don't want to charge you for them so - FREE GIFT. The tops are boxed up and sitting on a little table in the middle of my mainstore. Enjoy<3


Ana Lutetia said...


antonia said...

that ad...!! it's so beautiful! like from a fairytale. love eeet!

Arianna Psaltery said...

That's a GREAT ad...and the outfit's great too *giggles* Still need to use my gift certificate :D