Friday, August 03, 2007

Mean Business: Courtney

She can reduce you to tears with just a glance. She never calls you by name and yet she knows the name and past of everyone in the building. She's rich, she's powerful and she could so very easily ruin your life and like it.
Savvy? introduces a new line of business-wear - MEAN BUSINESS.

This release is the third in the Mean Business. Courtney includes a rouched bustier, cropped pants, school-boy style knee-socks and a jacket cinched with a gold clasp. This set is entirely hand drawn, including the clasp which, by itself, took several hours to complete.
As usual all pieces are provided on as many layers as possible for maximum outfit mixing options. The full set is priced at L$225. Get it now at The Promenade.
This may never have been released without the help of Aemilia Case, check out her store Philotic Energy.

To celebrate the third release in the Mean Business series, Savvy? will be providing customers with a guessing game. All three Mean Business outfits are named after fictional "queen bees" (Regina, Wilhelmina and now Courtney), customers are invited to guess the texts these women are from (these could be movies, tv shows, books etc). To enter please send a notecard titled "Savvy? Queen Bees - Your Name" with the names of all three texts. Entries close 2pm SLT/PDT Friday 03 August 2007. The winner will receive free copies of every Savvy? release for the rest of 2007.


aems said...

totally love this set kotapie...freakin talented bunneh that you are <3 said...

I can seem to get the link to work for the store

Relika said...

This is an amazing outfit, and definitely one of my favs! The amount of detail is great and the shading is just superb! Way to go, Kota!