Monday, June 25, 2007

The Savvy? Man - Robin

New Item:

This is my very first attempt at menswear... I can't honestly say that I am completely happy with Robin. I can, at least, be proud of myself for putting an awful lot of work into it. This set comes in the same colours as Robyn and these are set for 150L each or 500L for the fatpack.

On the Blog:
I am a very, very lazy blogger. This is kind of surprising as in my first life I'm in the middle of my Bachelor of Fine Arts majoring in Creative Writing Production. I find that by the time I've birthed a new item I'm tired and just can't find the words or the concentration to write about it. It's not just 'Kota's Knickers either, I write for Fashion Victim and at the moment I have a small collection of review copies staring accusingly at me from my inventory. I will get to them, it just takes me a while. Honestly, Stephanie deserves review copies much more than I do - and if you're looking to be blogged fairly quickly send her your stuff. Plus she's a much nicer person than I am and her avatar is better looking - win win!

You Made my Day:
One of the two people who made my day today was Gillian Waldman, who wrote a very kind piece about Savvy? in her blog Deux Looks and made it a lot easier for me to get on with my day this morning.
The other was Catero Revolution of Men's Second Style who cheered me up when I was feeling left out and made me feel good about my plumper-than-average avatar. Thank-you.

Thanks for the comments everyone. I love hearing from you both on the blog and in world so PLEASE do leave me messages. As international supermodel, Haver Cole, says "I'm never too busy to suck your face."

You can burn in hell, Stephen Bentham. /blogwar on


Stephanie Misfit said...

These are just too cute! My guy avi is going to have to start wearing a shirt instead of showing off his delicious abs :0

Roslin said...
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Roslin said...

Dakota Petion Buck! Shame on you for starting a blog war with grandpa! I was so upset, I made a typo and you know mum never does that. As for your genes, at least you inherited grandmama Caliah's height, imagine being pudgy AND short like mum, eh? Now be a good girl and behave.

Tinky said...

Your "plumper-than-average avatar" is genuine and beautiful dear. And may I add, very talented and a trendsetter.

Rachel Young said...

'Kota, honey, you have one of the sexiest av's in SL.

Have you even seen my av? Short, no boobs and a bit round but I love my av and I love not being a Amazonian stripper.

You, dear, have style, class and that is the most important thing.

Tenshi said...