Thursday, June 14, 2007

Down By (the Riverside)

Edit: I AM A RAGING 'TARD. I keep putting Southern Hemisphere when I mean Northern. I know it's not Summer in the South, I know this because I'm Australian and shivering... WHY WILL YOU NOT WORK? DAMN BRAIN!Savvy? knows that it's Summer in the northern hemisphere so here's some apparel for the warmer months. Think wading in the rock-pools at the beach or picnicking by the lake – this is how classy ladies bare their legs. The outfit is called “Down By” and includes a pair of dark-coloured shorts with prim-cuffs and an anchor motif on the back pocket and a vertically-striped blouse with sweet little button details and my dearly beloved sailor-style collar. This set comes in four colours for 150L each or a fatpack for 500L.

Savvy? at The Promenade
Savvy? at Fashion Victim HQ
Savvy? OH! What a Neat Boutique
Savvy? with Veschi at Mischeif Cove
Savvy? at the Imogen Op-Shops
Urgh, there seems to be a "ghost prim" blocking the doorway to my mainstore in the Promenade. It can't be selected or seen but it also can't be walked through. Sit on objects to get in and out of the store... or just shop from the doorway ;)
Hopefully this problem will be fixed ASAP.

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