Monday, April 02, 2007

Secrets and Confessions...

I know I've been a bit slack with this blog but Vint Falken has convinced me to update with this little challenge.
OK, so here goes:
Second Life
Honestly, my IMs aren't capped as often as I let on. Sometimes I just don't want to reply. I'm also prone to faking crashes to get out of conversations or situations I'm not comfortable with. I do enjoy talking to people and I love you all dearly but sometimes it's the only way I can take a break from the computer... also sometimes I genuinely do crash.
First Life
It has been over two months since anyone has hugged me and for a very hands-on person like myself this feels so strange. There was a time in my early teens when different strangers would touch me several times a week.

Also my store officially opened recently and you can check it out in Fashion Victim HQ and OH! What a Neat Boutique.


vint said...

Hmmm. I've done that also. But I do crash often. So people must think my machine is really really crappy, whilst it's only just crappy. ;)

As for the hugging. I don't really miss the huge amount of - mostly fake, anyway - hugs from my teen years. I'll settle with a good hug, just once in a while now.

Glad to see you back! ;)

October Hush said...

I'd hug ya all the time, if you weren't on the other side of the planet. You'll just have to settle for the virtual huggins.

Torley said...

I don't like IMs for several reasons, and one of them is there's no convenient way to get back to someone if they IMed you and you relogged — their tab disappeared, nor do I want all those tabs hanging on my screen. I get overloaded with IMs and prefer email (it's a type of "good friction" and lets longer messages AND pictures be sent), but I'm really swamped across multitudes of communication channels, so to have something I can search and sort is really quite pleasant at the end of a long, hard day.

It's crazy how many people still IM me even tho I state that I generally can't reply in my profile. But, I'm always touched by people who take the time to let me know they enjoy something I made, like a Video Tutorial. That makes the teaching all worths it! =D