Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Buy me a Pony

Soundtracking= Spiderbait - Buy me a Pony

Jodhpurs are awesome. Jodhpurs are so awesome that after slipping into the pair from the Last Call Hunt Club: Jumper outfit I went out and bought myself a 2000L horse to accessorise them with... and so a touch of pony madness pushes it's velvety nose into Imogen.There's Haver and I, with Horatio and Cherrehbom.I continued my jodhpur obsession by heading over to the Double H Ranch... it was kind of disturbing there to be honest... all the furry-porn hanging in the apartments (correction: stables). But I got a shot of my cute outfit in front of the much safer looking Vet's office before the green dot that my mystitool informed me was "Slavegirl Paine" got within chat range of me.

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vint said...

You do need to suffer so much for giving us some decent fashion. *respect*