Saturday, January 20, 2007

Here's Your Damn Update

1) Do you shop a lot in SL?
Oh god yes.

2) What was the last thing you purchased in SL?
Um, I think it may have been outfit... not sure which.

3) From where?
PixelDolls I think...

4) How do you find out about new stuff? Forums? Blogs? Friends? Search?
All of the above.

5) Have you ever been to a store and bought the entire inventory in one visit?
Uh yeah I think I did that with Novix... but other places I've come close.

6) What's the most money you've ever spent at one store (in Linden)?
Erm... 4 or 5k I think. Mybe more... probably more.

7) For people who spent a lot: does it disturb you that you spent that much "real" money on pixels? XD

8) Who is your favorite designer?
Antonia Marat

9) What's your favorite style?
Rockabilly or anything quirky.

10) What do you buy more: clothes or gadgets/toys?

11)What is/are the coolest toy/gadget(s) you've gotten in SL and where did you buy it so I can go get it? My shoulder sitter from Devils Moon.

12)What's your favorite sim to hang out in?
Buckie's!! Or at my studio because it's nextdoor to OG, yo.

13) (Assuming it's not your favorite) what sim(s) have just blown you away in terms of builds?
Darkcity and the Mystique Isles stuff.

14)Who/What is your favorite:
Skin designer: Starley. Freckles *loves*
Hair designer: Satine Dot.
Clothing designer: Antonia, Shai, Nylon... oh and Malkov made the COOLEST rocker-girl jackets.
Animator: Uh, the Reel Movement person.
Architect: Darkchild, Leyla Firefly, Malkov, Barnseworth Anubis.
Furniture store: Bottoms Up Bar Supply Co.
Texture store: Testures-R-Us
Toy/Gadget Store: Erm that place in Tableau... what's it called? With that cool stuff?
Other: Old Gravy sucks :p

15)What do you wish someone would make? Anklets! Oh and a handbag with an anchor on it to go with all my other nautical stuff.

16) Do you think all designers in SL are snobby? No, the ones on my friends list aren't at least... the others I dunno.
17) Have you ever been intimidated by a designer? Lol yes... and then I get all fan-girl and take pictures.

18) Why dear god why?!

19) are you sure you've listed all the cool toys and gadgets you've bought? No.

If you wanna see what I've been up to check my flickr.

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