Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Concrete Park

Concrete Park, originally uploaded by Kota Buck.

Those readers who speak to me on a daily basis may have noticed that I've suddenly gone missing. I'm writing this now at 1pm on Tuesday afternoon (7pm Monday SLT) but I have no idea when I will be able to post it as I am currently without an Internet connection. It would seem that when the household bills were transferred into my name, because the person who was previously in charge of them was moving out, there were still debits on the cable Internet connection. Our ISP - OPTUS - kindly put the account back into his name without telling us and cut off my Internet connection. The account going back into his name meant that, after two attempts and a total of four hours on hold, I was informed by the tech-support operator in Bombay that he could not tell me why I could not connect to the Internet because I was not the authorised account holder and it would be at least 14 working days before the account could be changed over (again) and after that time they would tell me where my Internet had gone. So I called up my ex-housemate and he said he would call them that night when he had the time to sit on hold. He did this and that was when I found out it had been cut due to an unpaid bill (or rather several). According to the ex-housemate the bill has now been paid and the receipt number given to OPTUS who said it would be reconnected in 15-30mins... that was at about midnight last night. It still wasn't on this morning so I SMSed my ex-housemate to let him know - mainly because I can't put the money he paid for the bill in his account until I get the Internet back. He called OPTUS again and they said they'd reconnect it (again). That was a few hours ago. So basically I have no idea when I will get to post this, so I guess as I write it's still unknown... OMG! It's back! Yay!

So, on other things. I have another set up - Concrete Park. There's no nudity so I'm sure it won't go as well as it might, but I like it. I have more sets planned, including with every one's favourite model - Satine Dot.

I've lost track of what else I wanted to say, see you in world. x.

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